Welcome to the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group Store! Here you can find products to help support your group and/or local repeater! All proceeds (which we have turned the “profit” on these to almost zero) go to the Group and repeater owners as needed. We just want you to have nice stuff and share our Group name with the world! Thank you for checking out our swag!

Small Donation to the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group

Your donations help keep the website on the ‘Net! Also funding shared with repeater owners as needed.


Large Donation for the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group

This is for those of you that REALLY love the Group. We’re not greedy and we appreciate the donations!



Large GMRS Call Sign Sticker Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group

A large, custom vinyl call sign sticker with the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group underneath. Call sign digits are 1″ tall and Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group is 1/2″ tall. Comes in white, durable vinyl. Red by special request.


GMRS Call Sign Vinyl Sticker

A cool vinyl adhesive sticker of your GMRS call sign for your vehicle or whatever! Applies externally and weather resistant. All profits go to supporting the Group. Letters/numbers are 1″ and come in white color.


Make sure to send us a message with your call sign and/or put in the comments during your Paypal payment.

Those of you who do not use Paypal, we take money orders at:

Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group

PO Box 43
West Fork, AR 72774

Turn around can be up to 3-4 weeks. All postage and handling included with the purchase.