GMRS Licensing

How do I get a GMRS License?

Getting a GMRS license isn’t as tough as you may think. There is no test or studying and everyone in your family can use the same license! Below are instructions on how to get you and your family on the GMRS radio waves! We will show you what we can in order to help navigate the most important parts. Keep an eye on this page and we will update as we can.

First step is to GO Here and create an account:

FCC Registration – Login

Here you will fill out your name, password and information to create a new account….


Once done, you’ll get a confirmation page. Check your email and confirm you’ve set everything up correctly.

Once you get your email and verify, this screen will pop up. Next link is GO TO CORES to get your FRN Number (Federal Registration Number) that you’ll need to do business with the FCC and apply for your license.


This is where the link in the FCC email takes you, which is the CORES Page. This is where you will begin to register the new FRN. Click Register New FRN. If you get lost, here is the link to get back…

Login CORES (

On the next page, click the radio button An Individual and Yes for contact address. You must be within the US or its territories to get a GMRS license. Click continue

On the next page, choose CORES FRN Registration

This will bring you to the FRN Registration Page. Fill in the document with your personal information as it asks.

When done and everything is correct, you will recieve a FRN number. REMEMBER THIS! PRINT IT OUT!!

Next, click Universal Licensing System and then ULS License Manager

It will bring you to this page where you will log in with your new FRN and password you set up earlier.


When you log in, you will get to a page that looks like this. Select Apply For A New License on the left hand side menu.

There willl be a service drop-down menu. Pick ZA-General Mobile Radio (GMRS). It will be all the way at the end. Click continue….




The next page will ask a couple of questions. Click “NO” for all 3 of these questions unless you know you have an exemption. Most don’t.registration9


Next page, fill you your name and address as asked. Press continue…



Next page, certify whether or not you have a criminal background. I would HOPE it was no since most felons are banned from a GMRS license. If it is yes, follow the attachment instructions that you’re asked for. Click continue…

NOW you’re at the summary/ certification page. Make sure your information is correct and that you’re ready to submit the application. Click Continue To Certify


Once you land at this page, read the rules! You’ll have to electronically sign to submit at the bottom of the page. It will then take you to the FCC payment area where you’ll pay your $35.00 fee for a 10 year license.


Next page is the final confirmation. You can also print the application here if you want to send it or for your records. Make sure all your information is correct then select CONTINUE FOR PAYMENT OPTIONS

Click Make Payment on this page…

Select the payment method you’d like to use for your $35.00 payment. There will be several options.

authorize payment


Once you’ve paid, you should get a confirmation. Keep this too. AND THAT’s IT! You’ve applied for your license!

Once you submit your license application and pay the fee, the FCC will have your license automatically generated within 1-3 days. In order to check on it, you can log back into your FRN on the Universal Licensing System and check for it. Click on “download your official electronic authorizations now” link and it will display your official FCC license for printing. Print it out and welcome to GMRS!!!