Cooperative Use

The Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group is a Repeater Cooperative, which means repeater owners and users cooperate with each other to share systems for use in the General Mobile Radio Service. This is all done on a not-for-profit basis and at no charge to anyone, in accordance with Federal Communications Commission rules.

The Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group, in compliance with Title 47 CFR § 95.1705, offers our repeater service usage to any GMRS licensee who is a member of the Group. Furthermore, some affiliates offer repeater usage to all licensees, whether or not they are a member and the Group will not override those decisions.

In compliance of Section (f) 95.1705, the Group

  • Maintains that all affiliated repeaters are solely owned by their respective owners and;
  • Licensees will maintain a control operator at all times and;
  • Licensees maintain access control under its license and;
  • Licensees will identify all communications originating from its stations and equipment and;
  • The cooperative effort is done without any charge with funding received ONLY on a non-profit basis for capital expenses related to repeaters, media, websites and operating expenses as a donation only.

Also, in order to remain in compliance with 95.1705 (Cooperative Use), the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group hereby submits the following written agreement for all GMRS Repeater Stations within its affiliation:



Per FCC rules, all GMRS licensees need to identify using their FCC-issued call sign. We also offer Group Identification numbers that can be used in lieu of names or remembering everyone’s call sign. You will be issued a bank of identification numbers to use among your family, if wanted. This part is completely voluntary but you MUST identify with your FCC-issued call sign as per the rules. The identification rules from the FCC are as follows:

§95.1751   GMRS station identification.

Each GMRS station must be identified by transmission of its FCC-assigned call sign at the end of transmissions and at periodic intervals during transmissions except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section. A unit number may be included after the call sign in the identification.

(a) The GMRS station call sign must be transmitted:

(1) Following a single transmission or a series of transmissions; and,

(2) After 15 minutes and at least once every 15 minutes thereafter during a series of transmissions lasting more than 15 minutes.

(b) The call sign must be transmitted using voice in the English language or international Morse code telegraphy using an audible tone.

(c) Any GMRS repeater station is not required to transmit station identification if:

(1) It re-transmits only communications from GMRS stations operating under authority of the individual license under which it operates; and,

(2) The GMRS stations whose communications are re-transmitted are properly identified in accordance with this section.