Ready to join up? Membership is FREE! The Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group is 100% volunteer and funded with donations from its members and repeater owners. There is no obligation to pay to become a member of the Group! Many of our repeater owners allow usage of their repeaters even without a membership. Membership required repeaters will screen through this process and is indicated on each web page, as well as Zello access requires a membership for Arkansas residents and families. Fill out the the web form below and we will get you added and you have full access to all affiliated systems. Also, joining the membership gives you inside tidbits and information as well as access to help with radio programming, building repeaters or other fun GMRS stuff!

We welcome all GMRS Repeater Owners and Licensees in Arkansas!

General Membership

All we ask is that you have an active GMRS license, live, have family or work in Arkansas, and follow the rules the repeater owners have decided for their independent systems as per our user agreement. The Group, at this time, controls no repeater or owner, it is strictly a sharing cooperative. Many Group repeater owners will come up with a basic mode of decorum as shown on our site on their individual repeaters as they’re added. Assistance includes  installing equipment, radio programming (where available) and technical advice. Sometimes it’s good to have a helping hand and that’s why we’re here!

ATTENTION: ZELLO ACCESS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE OUT OF STATE WITH NO CONNECTION TO ARKANSAS! We are not a “national” group like some others. We offer this for our friends and families in Arkansas when they’re away from local repeaters to keep in touch.

Repeater Owners

As a repeater owner, you are offering your precious resources to users and we all do appreciate it! The Group isn’t designed to take over your system, make a bunch of rules and cause mayhem like a lot of clubs. As a repeater owner, you will get a page here on this site, complete with any pictures and information you’d like to add. Publishing CTCSS/PL tones is optional and can be given to members in private.

Or if you want to follow the old school Open Repeater Initiative that some Group members were part of in forming back in the early 2000’s, we welcome that too! Some repeaters are open, some require permission. Join today and have access to both!

Ready to join? Then…