Boat 600

Boat 600 is a on the air high upon Boat Mountain outside of Valley Springs covering Harrison and surrounding areas.  Repeater is on the air and open for licensees and members alike! Great coverage area!

Repeater is a Motorola GR300 at 25 watts, flat pack duplexer fed into an antenna with hardline coax at 50 feet. Antenna is a dB408 omni directional. Repeater has no courtesy tone or tail as of now pending further work.

Repeater Owner: WRKE994

Repeater Frequency Pair: OUTPUT: 462.600 INPUT: 467.600

CTCSS/PL Tones: 123.0

Open use always permitted to GMRS licensees as you enjoy the area.  Proud to be part of the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group