Welcome to the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group repeater listings page. Below you will find a map to all of the repeater pages that have affiliated with our Group. Clicking/hovering over the icon will give you basic repeater information and bring you to the individual repeater pages.


If you want to see more about our linked systems, come check it out here!

Arkansas GMRS Linking System


This group exists because of our wonderful repeater owners. Won’t you be one?

We are always looking for repeater owners to affiliate their systems with the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group. If you’re one of those awesome repeater owners that wants to share his/her resources with others, get a hold of us! We’d love to have you!!

We will give you a web page for your system or forward your current web pages as needed or wanted.  If you have a current club , that stays and we don’t take it over. Want to get into the Link System? We can help with that too (no obligation to link). All this at no charge!

We will never tell you how to run your system outside of standard FCC rules and we don’t sell memberships. This is a Cooperative Effort to share GMRS resources across Arkansas.

If you don’t have a repeater, we still want you to join! Come to our membership page and let us know to let you in!


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