Sherwood 650

Sherwood 650


Sherwood 650 is a repeater on the air covering Sherwood/Jacksonville areas and south to the Little Rock Metro Area..

Repeater is a Motorola GR1225 set at 25 watts, duplexer fed into a Commscope/Decibel Products dB420 Antenna at 130′ Repeater is linked into the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group Link System via Raspberry Pi and DMK URI interface.


Repeater Owner: WRJG563

Repeater Frequency Pair: OUTPUT: 462.650 INPUT: 467.650

CTCSS/PL Tones: 141.3

Open use always permitted to GMRS licensees as you enjoy the Little Rock Metro Area in Pulaski County, Arkansas and surrounding areas. Proud to be part of the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group!