Rogers 575

Rogers 575 Repeater


Welcome to the Rogers 575 repeater page! This is a low-level repeater located in Rogers, AR and serves the local area.

Repeater is a set of Motorola Maxtracs  tied together, served by a duplexer into an BRC antenna. Check it out when you’re in the area! Site is currently on the air but being moved to an improved place. This repeater will also eventually link into the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group Linking System. Check it out!

Repeater Owner: WRPE201

Repeater Frequency Pair: OUTPUT: 462.575 INPUT: 467.575

CTCSS/PL Tones: 141.3

Open use always permitted to GMRS licensees as you enjoy the surrounding areas. Proud to be part of the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group