Pea Ridge 600

Pea Ridge 600 Repeater


Welcome to the Pea Ridge 600 Repeater Page!

The Pea Ridge 600 repeater is located between Rogers and Pea Ridge in Northwest Arkansas.

 Repeater is made of 2 Motorola Maxtrac radios set to transmit 25 watts. It is controlled by an ID-O-Matic repeater controller with automatic ID.  It feeds a dB408 antenna through a duplexer and 1/2″ hard line coaxial cable. Antenna sits on a ridge at 1330′ above sea level with additional tower sections coming.


GMRS Call Sign: WRPG439

Repeater Frequency Pair: 462.600 & 467.600 (Channel 17)

CTCSS/PL Tones: 141.3

Open use always permitted to GMRS licensees as you enjoy the surrounding areas. Proud to be part of the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group