Paron 575

Paron 575 Repeater


Welcome to the Paron 575 repeater page. This repeater is on the air covering Saline County, AR and surrounding areas.

Repeater is a Vertex Standard VXR-7000 at 40 watts. It is fed through a duplexer and 7/8″ Heliax up 200′ to a DB408 antenna at 140 feet.  The site elevation is 710 feet and is open to all licensed GMRS users and Group members. Proper call sign ID is required.

This repeater also features a live MP3 audio stream that can be used to listen in in activity via the internet. The audio stream is provided by a Midland MXT400 base station. The stream is provided and maintained by the repeater owner, and is posted off-site. The stream is usually online from 10AM to 10PM daily but not guaranteed. The stream link can be opened on most devices and most modern browsers. The link is at

GMRS Call Sign: WRKF394

Repeater Frequency Pair: 462.575 & 467.575

CTCSS/PL Tones: 114.8

Open use always permitted to GMRS licensees as you enjoy the surrounding areas. Proud to be part of the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group

Coverage map