Ouachita Ring

The Ouachita Ring is a group of repeaters in the Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas. Right now, there are two with several more sites we are trying to get in our system. The ring is anticipated to be built out from Hot Springs to Mena to De Queen, to Broken Bow, OK and beyond. This will be an ongoing, multi-year project.

Eventually, this ring may be broadband or RF linked for continuous coverage. Current map of the Ring with green colors being reliable service on a mobile radio with 3 dB gain antenna. Yellow is marginal, depending on terrain. The purple pin is the repeater site. The current De Queen coverage area to the south is incorrect (blocked by a hill) but this is what we hope to accomplish in the near future. Links to the repeaters below.

ouachita ring


Hatfield 650

Mena 675

De Queen 650