Central Hub

The Central Hub is a group of GMRS repeaters in Central Arkansas with the Paron 575 Repeater as the flagship. This system is linked with custom Asterisk VOIP software including a Zello interface. 



Benton 725

Paron 575

Hot Springs 700

LR Metro 650




This Zello channel is linked to the 462.575 GMRS repeater in Paron, Arkansas. Paron 575 is permanently linked to the Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group Central Hub, allowing this to be the official Zello Gateway for the Central Hub. At times, the Central Hub is also linked to other regional hubs in the AGRG Network.

THE ZELLO CHANNEL IS ONLY FOR USE BY RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS. GMRS is a radio service, not a global internet chatroom. Thank you for understanding!

If you are an AR resident and need “permission” to transmit, please transmit a voice message stating your name, callsign, and location, and ask an admin to give you transmit permission. Until you have been given permission, your messages will only be heard by admins, and will not be sent to the repeater, network, or other users.

Real time Link Status: http://network.arkradio.net

Zello Channel: http://zello.com/paron575