Arkansas GMRS Link System

The Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group is proud to own and put into service an internal, Asterisk-based, GMRS Repeater Linking system. The system is built using Linux-based Asterisk software and self-hosted on our own servers here in Arkansas.

The statewide system is linked full time, however, owners may link in and off as they see fit. Most of the owners will leave the links on full-time, but there is no guarantee.

We are using Dell servers, running Proxmox Virtual Environment with custom software and managed by Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group owners. There are two cores (server locations) with DNS failover so if one goes down, the next one takes over.  The servers are in different parts of the state as to alleviate internet issues from one provider. We strive to have as much up time as possible and will continue to add cores in strategic locations for added support.

CORE 1 MAIN: Bauxite (fed with fiber optic broadband)

CORE 2 BACKUP: West Fork (fed with fiber optic broadband).

What does this mean? (In layman’s terms!)

Repeaters are linked with special software back to our internal system that allows all the repeaters attached to share traffic across a wider area. A repeater that is linked can talk locally in its coverage area, as well as to another linked repeater throughout that coverage area. So, in essence, a user talking on the NWA700 repeater in Northwest Arkansas can talk to a user or family member that is in Little Rock on the CAS700 system in Central Arkansas. This allows families and friends to communicate over a wider area than just the repeater they’re on. We have had a huge positive response to this and add repeaters as owners see fit.  Make friends, communicate with your families, or use it while traveling. It’s a system for everyone!
On our map, icons that are blue in color are linked into the system and talk to all the other blue colored repeaters. Icons that are green are stand alone, and talk to only their general coverage area. Likewise, on the network list below, these repeaters all talk to each other in real time.


At this time, the link system ONLY connects to other repeaters in the State of Arkansas and not outside of the area. Links are only repeaters with personal nodes on a case by case basis that suits the Group. There is no requirement for repeater affiliates to link into this system.

Linking to the system is voluntary and not all Arkansas repeaters are linked in. We always invite all who want to link up to do so and welcome all repeater owners!