Arkansas Broadband Linking System

The Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group is proud to own and put into service an internal, Asterisk-based, GMRS Repeater Linking system. The system is built using Linux-based Asterisk software and self-hosted on our own server here in Arkansas.

The Group has divided the state into five regions for participating repeater systems, as shown below and all of which report to a Master Hub/server. Each of the 5 regions has a flagship repeater or Regional Hub, to which other repeaters within that hub can link via Internet. There is also the capability to link all hubs statewide for special events, nets, or as needed. Repeaters that connect have many tools at their disposal including voice announcements, DTMF control, weather alerts, and more. We continually strive to improve this system for all of our repeater owners and users in Arkansas.

At this time, the link system ONLY connects to other repeaters in the Group and not outside of the area. At this time, links are only repeaters with personal nodes on a case by case basis that suits the Group.

We are using a Dell server, running Proxmox Virtual Environment with custom software and managed by Arkansas GMRS Repeater Group owners. This is a work in progress and will update the page as needed. Coming soon will be a secondary cluster and even more redundancy! Keep watching….

Linking to the system is voluntary and not all Arkansas repeaters are linked in. We always invite all who want to link up to do so and welcome all repeater owners!

Hub Quick Links

Central Hub

Southwest Hub

Northwest Hub

Southeast Hub

Southwest Hub